Asset Maintenance

The Maintenance Module allows for the recording of maintenance, warranty and service information together with related costs and budgets. It is also possible to create Maintenance Cost Codes to facilitate reporting on various types of actual and budgeted costs.

Maintenance details may be reported on using filters and groupings if required. This is useful if, for example, you wish to report on warranties or maintenance contracts expiring or services falling due within a given period.

In addition, you may record actual or budgeted maintenance costs and other details for an asset.


Maintenance Reports available are -

Maintenance Detail
Prints details of Service, Warranty and Maintenance dates and other details.

Maintenance History
Prints details of Maintenance transactions showing cost and provider information.

Maintenance Budget
Prints details of Maintenance budget and actual costs together with variances.

Maintenance Budget Verbose
Same as above except with more detailed information
(Multiple report lines per transaction).

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