Assetpro™ for Windows®

Assetpro - the right tool for the job!

Spreadsheets are excellent tools for some tasks, but not for asset management. A lot of our clients have found that spreadsheets were not the optimal solution and were spending an excessive amount of time trying to maintain their fixed asset registers. In addition, the type of reports available were severely limited.

Assetpro is both powerful and easy to use!

In spite of its comprehensive features, Assetpro is easy to use and has a modest learning curve due to the intuitive layout of the software.

Assetpro has been designed by accountants!

Assetpro has been designed to exacting standards to ensure full compliance with Accounting and Taxation requirements and to provide for complete management control over fixed assets.

Assetpro will save you time!

Assetpro will streamline your fixed asset management tasks by saving you time, especially at year end, and providing you with excellent control and effortless reporting on your fixed assets.

Recording and tracking of fixed assets, calculating depreciation, processing transactions and reporting on all these activities are quickly and easily accomplished with Assetpro.

Assetpro is cost effective!

Powerful software no longer costs a fortune. Assetpro is very competitively priced without sacrificing quality or features.

Assetpro will give you the information you need when you need it!

In addition to the numerous standard reports, Assetpro also offers a very powerful report writer that is also easy to use.

Assetpro tracks your assets with bar coding!

Assetpro offers an optional fully integrated bar coding module.

and, above all ... Assetpro is a pleasure to use!

Benefits of using Assetpro


Assetpro has been designed to ensure that, provided the correct data is entered by the user, all reports produced will be in compliance with the requirements of Australian Corporations Law, Professional and Corporate Accounting Standards, Generally Accepted Accounting Practice and Australian Taxation Office requirements. Statutory footnote disclosures may be pasted directly into your accounts.

Management control & reporting

Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual reports are available, as well as any other report period that the user may specify. This allows management accounts to be accurate and timely.

Time & cost saving

The use of Assetpro minimises the time spent on the laborious computational tasks associated with asset accounting and reporting. Once the initial data set up has been performed it is extremely easy to maintain the register, process transactions, calculate depreciation and produce reports with the minimum of effort, saving time and money.

Ease of installation

The installation of Assetpro is fully automated as is standard for all Windows based products. Default system settings allow you to be up and running right away!

Easy data conversion

Summit are able to offer a data conversion service from older software and/or spreadsheets and are able to perform these services in a timely, professional and competitive manner.

Easy of use

Assetpro's Windows interface is intuitive and easy to use. Access to features and functionality is provided through standard Windows pull down menus, push buttons, pick lists etc... Push buttons on the main screen provide access to the main modules and data entry forms of Assetpro.

Year end & audit efficiency

Audit and management time can be reduced where the financial reporting output and accounting entries have been processed using Assetpro. This may well result in a decrease in audit fees!