Import Module

The Import Module now available as an option in Assetpro allows for mass data import from a spreadsheet directly into the Assetpro database.

This may be utilised as follows:

1. An initial data load when setting up Assetpro.

2. Periodically for upload of bulk additions into the register. If there are many new additions it is much quicker to import them than to key them in one by one.

3. For loading bulk adjusting entries and other changes into the Assetpro database.

4. For loading and processing disposals.

5. For loading and processing revaluations.

6. For loading and processing transfers.

7. For loading and processing capex budgets.

Bulk changes include (From 3 above):

1. Modification to Reporting Level and Category codes.

2. Modifications to all descriptive fields.

3. Adjusting entries to Cost, Accumulated Depreciation, Prior Year Depreciation and Residual values for Book and Tax.

4. Changes to Depreciation Methods and Rates.

The Import Module comes with Excel Spreadsheet Templates which contain detailed instructions and are pre-formatted with the appropriate data columns and format rules.